I'm a writer, husband, father, and scrambled eggs maker, not necessarily in that order. I have more than 20 years of experience in brand, copy, and creative direction. Currently, I'm the senior copywriter at Horizon Hobby, where among other things, I serve as the Managing Editor of Transmitter Magazine.

My personal projects include the children’s book, Goodnight Princess, and the noir-tinged fumetti The Beautiful Kill. My latest book, Captured Ghosts, is coming soon.

I live and work in Champaign, Illinois with my beautiful and talented wife, Maria. We have three incredible daughters: Katie, Alia, and Brynne. The only other male in the household is Rocco, the cutest Teddy Bear dog in the world. I am outnumbered.

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The James Bond Movie Formula, 2021
The definitive step-by-step of Bond filmmaking.

A Mom to No. 11 … A Mom to All, 2020
Jamarra Dosunmu knows basketball... and family.

Andres Feliz Scoring Life Opportunities, 2019
An amazing story of an outstanding young man.

Be Kind, 2018
Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

It’s All Fun and Games ‘till Somebody Pokes an Eye Out, 2001
My eye accident happened when I was eight years old. It changed me for the better.


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